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Weekly Bulletin

The Epiphany of Our Lord      Jan 6, 2019

Welcome in the name of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ. If you are visiting, we are glad that you are here and kindly ask that you sign our guest book at the sanctuary doors. If you would like to become a member please speak to the Pastor. In case of illness, the Pastor should be informed. He will always be glad to speak with those who are confronted with problems of a spiritual nature. The time before worship is a quiet time for prayer and meditation to prepare for worship. Please see the inside cover of the hymnal for prayers and page 329f to prepare for Holy Communion. Communicant members are asked to fill out a communion card found in the pew racks and place it in the offering plates.

The Lord God Is Manifested in the Incarnate Son

The Feast of the Epiphany centers in the visit of the Magi from the East. In that respect, it is a “Thirteenth Day” of Christmas; yet, it also marks the beginning of a new liturgical season. While Christmas has focused on the incarnation of our Lord — that is, on God becoming flesh — the season of Epiphany emphasizes the manifestation or self-revelation of God in that same flesh of Christ. The Lord Himself has entered our darkness and rises upon us with the brightness of His true light (Is. 60:1–2). He does so chiefly by His Word of the Gospel, which He causes to be preached within His Church on earth — not only to the Jews but also to Gentiles (Eph. 3:8–10). As the Magi were guided by the promises of Holy Scripture to find and worship the Christ Child with His mother in the house (Matt. 2:5–11), so does He call disciples from all nations by the preaching of His Word to find and worship Him within His Church (Is. 60:3–6). With gold, they confess His royalty; with incense, His deity; and with myrrh, His priestly sacrifice (Matt. 2:11).                       

Collect of the Day

O God, by the leading of a star You made known Your only-begotten Son to the Gentiles.  Lead us, who know You by faith, to enjoy in heaven the fullness of Your divine presence; through the same Jesus Christ, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.

ORDER OF SERVICE:  Divine Service Setting Three on page 184.

                         The Introit is sung responsively by half-verse on the insert.

​READINGS:   :  Isaiah 60: 1 - 6                     Ephesians 3: 1 - 12                              Matthew 2: 1 - 12

HYMNS:   396,   395,   836 (offering),   374,  618,  397

Presiding Minister (P):  Rev. Robert  Bryans                                   Assisting minister (A) lay: Shane

Organist/Pianist: Kirsten                                                                   Acolyte: Christine

Sound System: Anna/Philip                                                              Webmaster:  Michael

Secretary: Lorna                                                                                

Bible Class

Sunday 9:30am

Holy Communion:

Since the Lord’s Supper gives the forgiveness of sins in the body and blood of Christ to all who believe the words “given and shed” and is also a celebration of oneness in faith, we ask that only those who have professed such faith publicly in a Lutheran Church-Canada (or Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod) congregation come to the Lord’s Altar.  Everyone intending to commune for the first time is kindly asked to speak with the Pastor prior to the service.


Members of Grace: Eloise's brother Harold died Dec. 31 in England; June; family of Irma Hautanen who died Dec. 28; Monika; Albina; Dennis; Jane; John; Debbie; Olga; Edith; Sherran; Herta; Betty; Anne; Hans; Bob.


Friends and Fellow members of the Church: Jeannie; Mary (wife of Rev. Gatluak); Linda; Savita (Gina’s sister has sarcoma); Rev. Carl; Donna and Walter; Chris;  Susan; Heather; George & Waldtraut; Mardelle; Asser; Gheorghe;  Brenda; Phyllis; Bob; George (great grandson of Bill)

THE BAPTISM: of Brendan Michael Robert Forbes last Sunday was made possible by our Saviour’s holy and sinless birth.  He is the son of Michael and Janet of Oshawa and now has become a child of our gracious God through water and the Word of God.  God’s blessings to you and may we all rejoice in our Saviour’s birth ever blessed

MERRY CHRISTMAS and BLESSED EPIPHANY: to one and all and much thanks for all the kindnesses shown to Pastor Hetzel and family both small and great!  Thanks and God bless you all.

Prayer Chain:  for anyone who is in need of prayer.  The prayer chain members will be called with your confidential request. Only the name will be made known to the prayer chain unless instructed otherwise. Please call Paula.


SAINT VINCENT’S KITCHEN: If anyone would like to help with our team it's the 4th Saturday of every month.  You can Contact Charlie and/or Christine.


LUTHERAN HOUR: Hear this inspirational message on CHAM  at _8AM  January 136, 2019- “Reason to Believe” (John 1:19-51); Lutheran Hour Speaker:  Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler; Do you have a reason to believe that everyone should believe what you believe? John did. Come and see.


FINANCIAL HELP FOR LINDA LANTZ:  Due to a serious infection, Linda Lantz, wife of Rev. Kurt Lantz of Resurrection Lutheran Church, St. Catharines, required amputation of her leg below the knee. Linda is currently undergoing in-patient physiotherapy and eagerly looks forward to going home. However, the parsonage, owned by Resurrection, is not handicap accessible, thus requiring immediate renovations to allow for Linda's return. The pastors of the Niagara Circuit have pledged to help raise funds to assist Resurrection, who find these unanticipated renovations a great fiscal challenge. We invite our siblings in Christ across the District to prayerfully consider helping Resurrection and the Lantz family with donations to the Resurrection Parsonage Renovations. Donations can be mailed to Resurrection Lutheran Church, 400 Glenridge Ave., St. Catharines, ON L2T 3L2. Any cheques should be made out to Resurrection Lutheran Church, indicating “Parsonage Renovations” in the memo line.

MISSION QUILTS: . We will begin on January 29th, all are welcome, no experience necessary. See Minnie and Ann for more information.


BOOK OF THE MONTH:  Nathan did a book review on new book, “The Creation , the Fall and the Promise” written by our Seminary21 Student, Josh Radke, who gave it to us for our children’s library. Please take a few months to look it zover or take home to read to your children or grandchildren.


LADIES OF GRACE: The Ladies of Grace met December 15th for their Christmas Potluck.  22 ladies were present and enjoyed a delicious soup, sandwich and salad lunch along with amazing desserts.  Fran Van Vorst and her daughter Michelle was in charge of the crafts, games and devotion.  All the ladies made a snowman and an icicle for their Christmas tree.  Carolyn McLeod and Monna Kerr played the flute.   Their were 5 bingo prizes awarded, 6 door prizes and 3 prizes for the Christmas word game.  The afternoon closed with the devotion, gathering of the stocking funds and the singing of Silent Night and the Lord’s prayer.  $197.56 was collected from the stockings which will go towards the Ontario District LWML Mites.  Gifts for the prayer pals who were present were exchanged.  A good time was had by all. The Ladies of Grace will be meeting on do.  I hope to see everyone in January; in the meantime I wish one and all a very Blessed Christmas.


MEN’S BIBLE BREAKFAST:  this Saturday January 12 at 7:30am.


CHRISTMAS TREE HELP:   After the Epiphany celebration, it is customary to take down the Christmas tree and safely pack it away together with the lights until next year.  Yet the joy of our Lord’s incarnation increases in his Epiphan(ies) of divinity.  Please consider helping us to take down the Christmas trees today after the service.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.


BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENTS:  There is a holder outside the office door for weekly inserts for the bulletin and monthly calendar.  Items for the Bulletin are due by Wednesday of each week by noon and 3rd Sunday of each month for calendar.  Or email your dates and events to

REFERENCE MATERIALS:  Please take a few moments over the next few Sundays to review our Church business and community bulletin board; and other resource materials on the tables/shelve and racks in the narthex.  Please take some home or give to a friend. 


This Week under Grace

Today (w)               9:30am                                Bible Class

                                10:30am                              Divine Service

Tuesday                  9:30am                                Pastors’ Conference, Etobicoke

Wednesday             9:00am                                Matins and Bible Study on Isaiah

                                Noon                                   Saints Alive

Saturday                  7:30am                                Men’s Breakfast

Sunday (w)             9:30am                                Sunday School & Bible Class    

                                10:30am                              Divine Service

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