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Weekly Bulletin

Sep 5, 2021

Welcome back in the name of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ. If you are visiting, we are glad that you are here and kindly ask that you sign our guest book at the sanctuary doors. If you would like to become a member please speak to the Pastor. In case of illness, the Pastor should be informed. He will always be glad to speak with those who are confronted with problems of a spiritual nature. The time before worship is a quiet time for prayer and meditation to prepare for worship. Please see the inside cover of the hymnal for prayers and page 329f to prepare for Holy Communion. Communicant members are asked to sign the communion book at the entrance of the church.

Our Merciful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Does All Things Well

The Lord proclaims the Gospel “to those who have an anxious heart” to comfort and encourage them with His presence. He comes not only with threats of “vengeance” and “recompense,” but with His gracious salvation (Is. 35:4). He opens “the eyes of the blind” and “the ears of the deaf,” and He loosens “the tongue of the mute” to “sing for joy” (Is. 35:5–6). Like water on thirsty ground, He speaks His life-giving Word to people of all nations. With His Word and the touch of His hand, He does “all things well,” so that you may now speak “plainly” (Mark 7:31–37). You confess the truth of God in Christ to the glory of His holy name, and you call upon His name in every trouble, confident that He will hear and answer. As you pray and confess with your tongue, so also “love your neighbor as yourself” (James 2:8). Show your faith “in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory,” by loving without partiality. For God has “chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom” (James 2:1–5).

COVID 19 PROTOCOL FOR WORSHIP:  While we are here to rejoice in God’s house, we still have to follow the rules for social distancing; wearing a mask and sanitizing hands on your way in and out of church.  If you are wearing gloves, please dispose of them at home.  Please take your masks and bulletins home to limit exposure and the amount of recycling for the church.  A detailed description of worship guidelines is on the small table with the bulletin and offering plates.

Collect of the day:

O Lord, let Your merciful ears be open to the prayers of Your humble servants and grant that what they ask may be in accord with Your gracious will; through Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.


ORDER OF SERVICE:  Diving Service Setting Three page 184.

The Introit is spoken by Pastor


​READINGS:   : Isaiah 35: 4 – 7a      James 2: 1-10, 14-18          Mark 7: (24-30) 31-37

HYMNS:  545,  797,  528

Presiding Minister (P):  Rev. Jack Hetzel                                          Assisting minister (A) lay: Shane                                                                     

Sound System: Philip                                                                         Webmaster:  Michael

Secretary: Debby                                                                                Acolyte: Christine               


For Members of Grace: Giso upon the death of his wife, Margaret on Thurs. Sept. 2; Paula; Doug; Hans; April; Fran; Dennis; Rob, Debbie & Stephanie; Sherran; Anne; Ray; Bob; Mission Prayers for September:  Rev. Douglas Eugenio Aguilar M.- Nicaragua, Deaconess Odily Neyra- Nicaragua, Rev. Pich Chandeth-Cambodia, Deaconess Hem Horm- Cambodia,


For Friends and Fellow Christians: Alice; Berti; Terry; Etelka’s mother; Marlene; Chris;  Susan; Heather; George & Waldtraut; Mardelle; Corrina; Kathy; Annette; Marg’s sister Nancy

Individual Holy Communion:  during these days of separation from covid and illness or in any hunger of our Lord’s body and blood, you can make arrangements with Pastor

Prayer Request:  If you have any spiritual need for prayers, please call Pastor Hetzel at the office (905) 728-4381. 

FUNERAL: for Margaret Czychoratzki is planned for this Tuesday, September 7 at 2pm.  Call the office for more details concerning the service.  May God grant Giso and his family peace in the merciful Saviour who is Life and Resurrection.


SUNDAY SCHOOL: is starting again next Sunday at 9:00am on-line.  Contact Iulia or Lisa for more details.


REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE:  Can we please put the trustees log on the wall by the office back in use.  Anyone who sees something to be fixed and/or fixes it. Please log it, with details and date.  Any receipts from contractors or inspection reports please copy so I can put in the maintenance manual. So future trustees can see the last maintenance or upgrades done. Thank you, blessing Debby

LADIES OF GRACE: will meet on Sept. 11th at 9:30 am.  We are searching for the silk Easter lily arrangement, which were being used as decorations for Easter. If anyone has seen them, please call or email the office. Thank you, blessings

BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENTS:  may be placed in the holder outside the office door and for the monthly calendar.  Bulletin items are due by Wednesday of each week.  Calendar events are due by the 3rd Sunday of the month.  You can email the info to

This Week under Grace

Today (g)         9:30am                      bible study

                        10:30am                    Divine Service

Saturday          9:30am                      Ladies of Grace

Sunday (g)       9:30am                      bible study

                        10:30am                    Divine Service (C)

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